our Story.

Meet Crystal - the owner of Coffee Camper Co. 
For years, it has been Crystal's dream to open a coffee shop in her community. As a worship leader of a local church and traveling musician (with her band CPM), she has always wanted to branch out from the music scene and create a place that felt like "home" for people to gather, form community and enjoy a good cup of caffeine goodness. The name of her shop, The Coffee Camper Co, is meant to reflect the spirit of adventure and travel. Crystal also has plans renovate her 1970's vintage camper to create a mobile coffee unit and offer catering services in the near future. You can keep up with those plans here.

We hope every cup of coffee we serve, makes you feel like a "happy camper." 

Crystal's love for coffee has deep roots. She comes from a family of coffee farmers. Although she was born in the states, most of her family resides in Central America -  in the beautiful country of Honduras. She has been able to visit the mountains of La Iguala, Honduras where her family owns acres upon acres of coffee and corn fields. She has always admired their humility and hard work and hopes to reflect that same atmosphere at Coffee Camper Co.