POunds Coffee

Pounds Coffee™ was started in 2015 to bring artisan and freshly roasted coffees into the home in a simple and personal way. With a vision to positively impact the family and home by reclaiming the morning's most favored moments, Pounds Coffee™ roasts to order to ensure that every cup is as intentionally crafted as the moments that you create around it. Enjoy coffees roasted with precision to accentuate sweetness and deliver a smooth, distraction-free, and exciting coffee experience.

Located in Watkinsville, Ga.




Hello, my name is Maria Golubinskiy owner of Almas and Co™. I am a fellow tea lover and maker. Growing up in a Russian family/ community, we tend to drink a lot of tea! Over the years, we've tasted just about every tea out there, and have created our own tea blends to share and bring to your table! I hope you enjoy them every bit as much as I have. 

Located in Oxford, Ga



Southern Swiss Dairy is a milk processing facility located in Waynesboro, GA that is family owned and operated. Our milk is natural and free of artificial growth hormones. We pasteurize and NON-homogenize our milk and process and bottle milk products the same day our cows are milked, ensuring our customers will have the freshest milk possible. At Southern Swiss, it has always been about our cows and milk. We take great pride in the ethical treatment of our entire herd and their health and nourishment. Our cows are like family to us here. They are the offspring of a long line of prizewinning Brown Swiss that the Franks family has raised for 40 years. 

Located in Waynesboro, GA.